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Letter from the Editors

Artwork by Yury Aleksanyan.

Welcome to the Sin Issue!

This month we are excited to bring to you a collection of prose and poetry exploring the most unforgiving themes. From Elli Efird's stylish and underground piece on Kristen Hatter's "SINNER GET READY" to Vivienne Corgoova's painfully raw reflections on her relationship with her mother, this issue is our most personal yet. Laced with nostalgia, this month's pieces provoke the reader to look inward, at the children we've left behind when we learned to hate our mothers, our bodies, and our homes. From where we now stand tall, proud, and dirty, we confess our sins and weight our guilt. As we pick apart the relationship between shame and repentance, we begin to challenge the selective nature of God's good favour, and the sanctity of those who are forgiven.

As we look back to the children of our past, we once again plead you not to forget of all the Palestinian children, who are currently being persecuted and murdered, and who now have no place to call home. As we question the concept of innocence, it becomes crucial to evidence the responsibility we all have in fighting against the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Please do not lose hope, please do not stop sharing, talking, and demanding a ceasefire. We remain encouraging you to donate to the links below.

From the Editors-in-chief,

Isabela and Fatima

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