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About Us

Rattlecap: n. An unsteady, volatile person; a madcap: generally said of a girl.


The Rattlecap was born in 2018 by a group of University of Edinburgh students who wanted to create a space where activism and radical thought were central and accessible. Our monthly editions, centered around a chosen theme, bring together creative writing, politics, history, education, art, and advocacy. 

We value voices that are underrepresented in today’s narratives; voices that show a perspective that examines, challenges, and radically reimagines the society that we live in. We hope that The Rattlecap can become an intersectional forum for discussion and change, and a thought-provoking, kind, and empowering space.

Anyone can write, edit, and illustrate for us - just get in touch! 

University of Edinburgh students: apply here for 2023/24 committee positions with the Rattlecap!

Meet the team:

Editors-in-Chief Ali Gavin and Rebecca Scherer

Current Affairs Editors Ellie Bye and Rosaleen Keehan

Arts & Culture Editors  Isi Williams and Rosaleen Keehan

History, Philosophy & Education Editors Fatima Bouzidi

Creative Writing Editors Hannah Dove and Kalcie

Illustration Coordinator Heather Baillie

Social Media Coordinator Emma Brennan

Secretary Jemima Mowlem

Treasurer Jamie McDonald

Social Secretary Jessie Irvin Rose

Senior Writer Juules Bare

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