In 2018 a group of Edinburgh university students- inspired by the occupation of George Aikman lecture theatre during the teaching strike- decided that it was high time students had a forum for activism, and radical writing that was accessible to all. 


We publish themed editions roughly once a month, showcasing the best radical student writing from Edinburgh and beyond. Anyone can write for us. And it could be you.


We also publish stand-alone pieces, and our blog at RattleRood offers regular news, analysis and commentary on Scottish politics.


If your talents lie outside of writing, then get involved with the Rattlecast. This is our podcast that gets published every once in a while, and covers everything from gallery reviews to discussions of coups.

Meet our editorial team:


Grace Callaghan & Max Hunter

Section editors

History, Philosophy & Education               Justin White

                 Creative Writing                           Rosie Barry & Anna Jones                 

Illustrations                                                 Isi Williams

              Arts & Culture                Hannah Rothmann & Sarah Phelan

Current Affairs               Shin Woo Kim & Rufus Pickles

              Literature                       Albertine Clarke & Charley Rose Jones

Contact: therattlecap@gmail.com

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