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Letter from the editors

Updated: Mar 1

Cover photograph by Isabela Caramico.

In a very special Leap Day issue, this month we bring to you ten different pieces around the Surreal. Inspired by Cesaire's work, we take a deep dive beyond the conscious mind, towards the land of dreams, illusions, and desire. The surreal movement is well known in the field of visual arts as a stance of resistance to the pragmatic industrial mind and the capitalist reality. From Emily Martin's exploration of the dark irony defining the New Right to Martha Gane's intimate reflection of our sub-conscious, we extend the Surreal to our ideologies, politics, and psychologies. In our creative writing section, Göksu Gündüzalp makes use of fluid poetics to transport us to bottom of a river, the center of a forest, and Lola Weisselberg invites us to look through the eyes of a young God. This issue provokes the reader, breaking the boundaries between imaginary and concrete, evidencing how much of our existence is in fact surreal.

We hope you enjoy these bewitching pieces, and thank you to all our writers and illustrators their work,

From Editors-in-chief,

Isabela and Fatima

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