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The Body Issue

Letter From the Editors. Artwork by Isabela Caramico.

I write beside the rainy sky

Tonight an unexpected an


Cease-fire to the burning day

that worked like war across my

empty throat before I thought to try

this way

to say I think we can: I think we


–June Jordan, “To Sing a Song of Palestine”

Hello, and welcome to the ‘Body’ issue.

Before we dive in, we want to reiterate our founding principle; that we do not publish in a

vacuum and that as you read this a genocide is occurring following seventy five years of the

Nakba, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and militarized imperialism. We encourage you to keep

sharing, talking, and advocating for a free future for Palestinians. Donations can be made to

MAP (Medical Aid for Palestine), Islamic Relief and Human Appeal. Email your MPs, call their

offices, sign the petition demanding Britain remove its military presence from Gaza, attend

protests (these can be found through The Justice for Palestine Society, The Scottish

Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and The Stop the War Coalition).

Call for a ceasefire. Share the names of the victims, a disgraceful proportion of which are

children. Do not allow their memories, dreams and ambitions to be murdered with them.

This issue theme was founded on the basis of our current political climate. The ‘Body’ is

central to freedom and in recent years we have witnessed the attacks on it; from the

overturning of Roe Vs Wade, institutional transphobia and its devastating consequences of

preventable deaths in trans young people, the continued attacks on racialized bodies at

home and abroad through stop and search, incarceration rates and military invasion.

The body is ours to define, express and protect and we hope that through this issue you are

able to find voice to this sentiment.

The attacks on bodily freedom are haunting and the gory relationship between body and

individual constructed as a consequence of these imprisonments are deeply reminiscent of

the spirit of Halloween.

As always we send our eternal gratitude and awe to our writers and our editorial and

illustration team for their contributions. We send a special thanks to our illustrators: Kate

Granholm, Jocelyn Arnold, James Wake, Lucienne Saisselin, Seth Statham, and Alana Kenneth led

by our wonderful Yury Aleksanyan and Berenika Murray.

We hope you love the issue,

Fatima and Isabela

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