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Sixth Meditation

Writing by Kuba Olszak. Artwork by James Wake.

Perhaps I can only love in a Cartesian way.

I can either love the soul and the soul that bestowed you upon me, or the physicality of muscles constricting and the ticks you have when you’re falling asleep –

But can I love like a human?

Perhaps I can love like a priest.

I salvage your soul, you tell me your sins so we can unite in an act of forgiveness,

or I can love like a nurse;

Stroke your chest, call you darling you tell me your aches and I give you a pill to kill your maladies –

But can I love like a man?

And I can either love like a mother.

Chop up vegetables to turn into stew, my motherly sorrow over your soul brings you comfort,

or I can love like a father;

We sit and eat together in silence, I watch you outgrow me slowly, you call and I give you my money -

But can I love like a son?

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