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Updated: Mar 6

Writing by Göksu Gündüzalp, artwork by Lou Vachez.

water, leave yourself to me 


im crying near a river  


you’re crawling on me: you are cold. you crawl, reach my chin & leave with a beautiful



my tearbeard flows both ways up and down and others 


Ssüzülüyosun yüzümden 


İs it cold here on a deep forest where no one can ever come see me 


because my body and you, water feel so new to each other   (its nothing like the rain) 


but still you flow to me so naturally 


hot body    cold water     never reaching each other’s temperature 


and that’s a magnetic force like + -   


impossibility turning us into things that are together  



Every time i comb my hair it şırıldamaks şrr şırrr şırrr 


A red fish on my kirpiks (eye lashes) 


and now the waters on my brows  


whole body in a slippery impermanent state 



there are many versions of our story 


funny, sad, beautiful, scary ones 


i shout men need permission to fish in my beard 



my beard smells of rose water and balık ekmek (fish sandwich)  




siktir frog i say shooing the frog away from my boday 


my tears look like cheap diamond–y beads shining yellow in a cloudy day 


a long beard with eleganza tears that is a part of the river flowing for its own sake 



it’s that bond (weird bond) of something so long&thin, some road, being so strong. 


something important you know you can’t see. you are missing out 


water, you really didn’t need me, but maybe i needed you? 


So i kneel down  


I’m surprised i can cry this much and it feels natural, beautiful 









Some turkish words i used and their meanings 

Süzülüyosun yüzümden: you are gliding through my face 

Şırıldamaks şırr şırr: the sound water makes that sound like shh şş  

Kirpik: eyelashes

Balık ekmek: fish sandwich street food

Siktir: fuck off

Su: water

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