Letter From The Editors

Phoebe McGowan and Iz Gius

Welcome to the sixth (!!) issue of The Rattlecap, and the final issue of the academic year -- the Movement Issue! At least for us, this time of year feels like things are moving all too quickly, so we hope this issue explores physical movement and political movements in a way that has you facing towards the future.

We are so excited to feature a broad range of creative writing this issue, from short stories to poetry. Be sure to check out poems from our very own committee: Paola Valentina’s ‘Night Shifts’ and Jess Cowie’s ‘Blue-Tack Stains’ are both brilliant personal reflections on movement in a broad sense.

We also hope that this issue can introduce you to some national movements across the British Isles and Europe which we’re really excited about. Scott Beaton’s piece on learning Gaelige perfectly combines the personal with the political. Rufus Pickles’ article about why progressive students should join the SNP gives a sense of hope for Scottish politics outside of Westminster.

We are thrilled to give you this issue, but it is also quite bittersweet; this is our last issue as Editors-in-Chief before we truly embrace the theme of movement and move - Erasmus exchanges are calling. The Rattlecap is our baby, and we know it’s in great hands for the next year with Max and Grace. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has read, written, illustrated, edited, took minutes, shared links, and been to our socials. We are so grateful for what we have created together!

Bye for now!


Phoebe and Iz xxx

*Illustration by Carlos Finlay*

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