A Colombian Trash Mountain as a Source of Hope

In a district of Medellín, Columbia’s vibrant capital, a mountain of garbage now stands as a beacon of hope. The disposal of waste is a worldwide issue, but here, the solution didn’t require a

People and Planet: a history and a call to action

People and Planet began as the then-named “Third World First” in 1969, by students involved in Oxfam, raising money for overseas projects. Students would pledge 1% of their student grants as a

The Doctor as Villain

In 2018, Edinburgh Medical School is one of the best in the world, renowned for its excellent anatomy teaching department. This achievement, however, comes at a hefty moral price. The past of anatomy

The Shortbread Tin: A Lesson in the Mechanism of Cultural Appropriation from Scottish History

Cultural appropriation may be a new discourse, but it is far from a new concept. Indeed, it is simply a useful descriptor for an issue which has existed, presumably, for as long as multiple cultures

Miss Jean Brodie and Her Prime

At the spot where Quartermile meets the Meadows, there are a series of murals themed around the area. One of those murals is dedicated to Muriel Spark’s ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’ - a book

Did Presbyterianism make Scotland a more Socialist country?

In the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, a grand old cathedral stands amid the tourist bustle of the Royal Mile. This building stands as a towering testament to Scotland’s tortured religious past. In

A Look at the Highland Clearances through Art

James Mackay Senior stands proudly alongside his wife, Anne. They emerge as a focal point from a sprawling of children, nephews, crates, and baskets. This expansive family unit is about to depart to

Black History Month is Rewriting the History Books

This October marks the 30th annual Black History Month in the UK, providing an opportunity to commemorate the events that have shaped African and Caribbean history and to celebrate the lives and

An Assorted History of Student Movements

As students, we often feel powerless or inexperienced—no longer children, yet stuck somewhere between adolescence and adulthood. It can seem like adults control the pillars of society and success

‘We do as we damn well please’ - revolt, feminism, and the long history of St Trinian's

The St Trinian’s series was based off a series of cartoons by Ronald Searle, who sought to show an alternative to the pristine, snobbish image of private school girls in the UK. His cartoons depict

The Politics of Biology

Being a autistic trans biology student of colour means that you deal with a scientific community that’s biased against you. Society is hard enough to deal with, but the constant reminder that

Is Classics Relevant in the 21st Century?

The relevance and durability of my degree is something I consider every time a person asks what I am studying (the answer is Classics). The response to my answer varies from ‘great’, ‘what is

Radical Education and Non-Hierarchy in the Classroom

For many, contemporary education is associated with learning the specifics in life; mathematical models, historical dates, and other academic minutiae. However, this overlooks a far more subtle

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