​The Left Must Learn to Speak the Language of Ownership and Belonging

Our politics seem to be in terminal decline. The calibre, tone, and content of our politics is sliding inexorably down into an abyss of constitutional crises, climate denial, and democratic

Capitalism and Climate Change

Keepcups, canvas bags, cycling to uni - you probably know these as ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint. Knowledge of climate change is universal in the UK, and so are ways we can help, but

Ways to get involved with Environmental Justice in Edinburgh

We are living in a society which is becoming more and more environmentally aware. Whether it be current trends like sustainable, trash-free living or the emergence of DIY cosmetics, we are discovering

A Colombian Trash Mountain as a Source of Hope

In a district of Medellín, Columbia’s vibrant capital, a mountain of garbage now stands as a beacon of hope. The disposal of waste is a worldwide issue, but here, the solution didn’t require a

​​​​​Iceland's 'Rang-tan' - More Than an Advert? ​

As you will have probably seen already, the supermarket Iceland has recently released a Christmas advert which has been banned from airing on TVs nationwide. The advert in question is a short film

​​Mass Deforestation and Income Inequality - A Look at the Effects of India and China's Shifting Diets​​

Palm oil and soya: both of these ingredients sound familiar to us and can be found in everything from chocolate to lipstick, even hidden in what we feed to livestock so it doesn’t appear on the

People and Planet: a history and a call to action

People and Planet began as the then-named “Third World First” in 1969, by students involved in Oxfam, raising money for overseas projects. Students would pledge 1% of their student grants as a

How Important are Straws, Really?

Since David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 documentary series and the viral video that showed a sea turtle with a straw stuck up its nostril, the danger of straws on the environment has become the

Sew Sew Fashion Baby! - on Fast Fashion

Maria Grazia Chiuri opened the Dior Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear fashion show with a t-shirt quoting Linda Nochlin’s famous essay, ‘Why have there been no great women artists?’. In December

The Venetian Flood: a portrait of our planet’s environmental health

One of the main reasons for the lack of action, or even concern, regarding climate change is perceiving it as a distant threat: its remoteness, in the eyes of many, makes it unworthy to invest in.

Extinction Rebellion - challenging the UK government over climate inaction

November has seen the launch of a new campaign seeking government action to stop climate breakdown in its tracks. Extinction Rebellion is calling for the UK government to commit to legally binding

​Can the left now speak clearly on climate change? - A review

When environmentalist and activist Matthew Crighton began speaking at the event ‘Can the left now speak clearly on climate change?’- organised as part of Lighthouse Book’s Radical Book Fair - he

Debate: Do the University and its students ultimately help or harm Edinburgh?

Help: Louise Jastrzebski As one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world, and with the biggest student population in Scotland, the significant influence that the University of

An Interview with Living Rent

Raph is a Fourth Year Philosophy Student at Edinburgh University, and has been involved in the Living Rent movement since 2017. So, Living Rent is a tenants union. Can you explain how the union runs?

On polo, meeting royalty, and classism - A response to The Tab

A couple of weeks ago, The Tab published an article called ‘I’ve met royalty and play polo, but that doesn’t mean I come from a wealthy family’. The article addresses the supposed

We are not Ovary-acting

So many of us have experienced it: you could be in class, at work, out with friends, on a date, alone. That panicked rush to the nearest bathroom and the sensation of your stomach dropping to the

Homelessness in the City

The approach of another Scottish winter will, for most within the university community, have a pretty negligible impact. Maybe it getting colder gives you a conversation topic when extended family

The Doctor as Villain

In 2018, Edinburgh Medical School is one of the best in the world, renowned for its excellent anatomy teaching department. This achievement, however, comes at a hefty moral price. The past of anatomy

Save Leith Walk - Fighting For Community

Real estate developers Drum Property Group want to demolish a Leith landmark and built a massive student residence and linked hotel. This student residence is not aimed at homeless or poorly housed

Black History Month is Rewriting the History Books

This October marks the 30th annual Black History Month in the UK, providing an opportunity to commemorate the events that have shaped African and Caribbean history and to celebrate the lives and

What is Modern Feminism; is sexism still visible in modern education?

Over the summer it surfaced that the Tokyo Medical University altered the score of female applicant’s entrance exams in order to keep the rate of women admitted under 30%. This year’s intake was

In Defence of Girls' Schools

Throughout my primary and secondary education, I attended an all-girls school, an increasingly outdated experience in a world where we strive towards gender equality. Whilst there is definitely merit

The Internal Debate: Why internships now add to the cost of education

You need relevant work experience to find a good job. At some stage, or all too often, you or I have both grumbled at this seemingly unjust fact of life.To gain such experience, an internship seems

Tim Minchin as Inspiration for the New Academic Year

By the end of the university year, I was entirely burnt out: not sure what I was doing, why I was doing it, and whether I had any purpose other than chasing deadlines for a degree I didn’t think I

The Politics of Biology

Being a autistic trans biology student of colour means that you deal with a scientific community that’s biased against you. Society is hard enough to deal with, but the constant reminder that

The Marketisation of Universities

What is the University for? We all know that the world we’re living in is at threat. It’s under threat from climate change, from the far right, and from an economy that works for the wealthy

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