'The Road to Beach'

I wrote this after reading the poem 'The Way Through the Woods' by Rudyard Kipling; its last line, "But there is no road through the woods", particularly inspired my own writing. I was struck by the

'Messages from my Mother'

I was talking to my mother about my first year as a student in Edinburgh when I was back home in Karachi over the summer, and realised that all the little reminders she would message me from time to

'This Place; Or - Edinburgh as a salve for even the most hungover of souls'

The day after a night out sometimes I awake, confusedRealise I’m holding my breath in the base of my throat in a silent, empty room.Connect that confusion with regretted, acridic vodka, taken in

'The Linguistic Privilege Gameshow'

Language, and particularly the power dynamics of language, is a theme I’ve been exploring recently, and this is one result of that exploration. The ‘game-show’ aspect of it allows for an

'Everything, Nameless'

Ollie Turbitt is a student, musician, and writer based in Edinburgh. His creative inspirations include avant-garde music scenes, DIY culture, the Beat Poets, Zen Buddhism, lots of coffee, and the


These days, I find myself wearing the University of Edinburgh uniform. Even though I don’t wear the classic puffer jackets and headbands, you’ll find Depop dungarees, an oversized shirt from

'I Drew My House'

For many of us, part of beginning a university education is leaving home. This poem combines the heartache of leaving home with a grown-up take on one of the first tasks we are given in primary school

'A Birthday'

On the theme of 'back to school,' this poem tells the intermittent story of a turbulent time at boarding school as the speaker discusses his life on three consecutive birthdays, detailing the fraught

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