​The effect of the conceptual art movement on how art is seen and taught

And is there meaning behind it?”, my art tutor asked me as he sat looking at a large circular piece of weaving I had just finished that morning. It was a question I have learnt to expect, and

A cluster of thoughts on the contested role of art in health

CW: This article mentions mental illness, trauma and sexual violence.It is undeniable that art in all its forms serves as a mechanism for human expression, yet for some, whether one should acknowledge

Pippin - a review

I guarantee that Tom Whiston and Stella Green’s radical re-adaptation of Steven Schwartz’s Pippin (running until Saturday at Bedlam Theatre) is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. As soon as

"Shall I compare thee to a #Summer'sDay?" - Instagram's poetry revolution

Keats — how many followers does he have? Dickinson — is she verified? Poetry greats, yes. Poetically relevant? Perhaps not anymore. The internet age has revolutionised the landscape of the arts,

'Going Slightly Mad' Review

4 starsWhen ‘going slightly mad’ - an original piece of writing and performance from 4th year Edinburgh student Michael Hajiantonis - initially premiered in October at Bedlam Theatre for a tight

The Museum - outdated or essential?

Museums, physical embodiments of culture, history and education, are continuing to thrive. Even in our hyper-digitalised, mobile society where the internet acts as the gateway to unlimited,

Breaking the Banksy: a blessing or a curse?

In November last year, North London residents were furious to see that a Banksy painting, ripped from the back wall of a Poundland store, had been sold for over half a million dollars at an auction in

Artivism: Portraying Climate Change

‘We are the asteroid’ reads a miniature road sign by artist Justin Brice Guariglia, displayed in the exhibition Storm King, in New York. Comprising a collection of works explicitly dealing with

An interview with Glacier Girl

Glacier Girl aka Lizzie Farrell is paving the way for a new generation of Eco-warriors. Through art and design she raises awareness for environmental issues, and people are starting to listen. Having

A Look at the Highland Clearances through Art

James Mackay Senior stands proudly alongside his wife, Anne. They emerge as a focal point from a sprawling of children, nephews, crates, and baskets. This expansive family unit is about to depart to

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