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'Witchcraft’s Due Kapital Punishment'

Writing by Daniel Irvine. Illustration from Unsplash.

Industrial bells ring out to summon private property pyre.

“Burn the chaotic feminine” for:

>un-entrapping tongues,

>unbinding lemons with sugar water sweet, and

>unwrapping -

now en(sexed/souled) what was (sex/soul)less.

Your fathers

grope coffers

then rape for automaton sons;

mechan-organism of surplus capital production.

“Model mother’s wombs rot and wither under battle cries for revolution,

and so their purpose”



do the now hook-nose gossips, who cannot

excrete labour, or mould more men who can.”

Flip the switch and sever your connection.

Forget them sons, you’ll soon be asked to

“kill your widowed, newly moneyed mothers;

these witches are a burden.”

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