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The Cloud Which Will Not Go

Writing by Will Staveley. Image by Will Staveley.

“It was alarming to see it’s still dark. And it will be strange to have lunch in the dark. But you still have to get on with your day.”

California resident after wildfires in September 2020 which turned the sky orange


The weather system has convoluted

and pours rain on all, falls in air

the numberless plies of the folding sky

Inwards, into singular darkness

As the road ahead can be seen to its end

I pause in my room, towards a risen day

I thank the invitation to go away

My friends on the other strange side to this world

Scratching my head a moment, tar their



Rain remaining its source unmoving

The annihilating plies of the tearing sky

So why shouldn’t I turn from water to why

“Here, wine, here is wine!”

What is taken back at the inward behind

Reminiscences of friends and the words their hulls

While all the while the world swarms away.


Trees, planted in the eastward past

claws of new twig to once burst out

They try to shift the clotted effects

And sayings of men, that the sun and moon, two

Are also fleeing for comfort new.

Flying things, down to the tree beside

And I think I have heard them saying aside

“It wasn’t that there weren’t alternatives,

But we like the potential here the most

Yet no matter the message our silence gives

He wets his eyes from the raining post.”

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