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Summer Rain

Written by Grace Callaghan

I sat, me with you, and watched the hot 

drops of a hot summer fall. 

‘I like watching the rain, do you?’

I’d fallen in love with madness

The confusion of minds, lost to a thousand thoughts.

A drifting mind, like mine,

In its absence of clarity and meaning and sanity 

And motivation,

A chronic confusion, a universal madness.

But not with you, never with you. 

Sat here, watching the rain, me and you, I’d come to know

that I could never know, 

Of the stars, of the ocean and the moon,

And of the way I could feel joy

and pain through you, and you through me.

And as I watched the rain fall,

I realised I didn’t need to know,

Not really. 

As the rain of a hot summer poured and poured,

I simply answered, 

‘Yes, I think I do’.

Photo taken by Grace Callaghan

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