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Letter from the Editors

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Revolt cover artwork by Jess Walker.

Never has there been a time to be more revolted. From deadlines and early afternoon darkness to £500 energy bills and the looming rise of right-wing populism. Are you disgusted? We are too!

At the same time, these conditions have created the perfect climate for the voice of the people - angry and ready for change - to emerge. The time is right to revolt.

This is the sentiment to carry with you as you begin your journey into the Revolt (issue). Our writers, artists and editors have embodied in their work the anger of a generation sat huddled in freezing flats, spectators to the decisions of the ruling class.

This month’s issue covers revolt in both the public and personal sphere from writer, Katie O’ Connor questioning the life of the modern, feminist woman to Zoe Nayani’s interrogation of Just Stop Oil and whether their antics are activism or just plain annoying. Revolt saturates the news, it seems, according to the Current Affairs section.

What emerges from the issue is the interconnectedness of art and revolt. Saskia Marrett contextualises for us Alice Duer Miller’s ‘Revolt of the Mother’, discussing the revolutionary potential of feminist comedy, both early and recent. Alina Pohlmann explores the elite’s obsession with works of art, discussing how the capitalist value assigned to the art world makes it the perfect ground for climate revolt. Emma Brennan looks to Portuguese artist Paula Rego in an insightful discourse on abortion represented in art from the perspective of a uterus-owning artist.

Michael Wu and Molly Reed come along to provide us with some creative relief in their captivating poetry and prose.

What a treat of an issue. We hope you enjoy it and - despite the revolt all around - we wish you all a happy and restful holiday season. A massive thank you to all our contributors and our readers for supporting the Rattlecap this semester. We’ll see you all in the new year! In the meantime, keep the spirit of Revolt with you.

In Solidarity,

Ali & Rebecca

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