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Letter from The Editors

Cover Illustration by Celeste John-Wood.

The chaos machine is whirring: it’s 4pm at the Main Library, the floors bending from the weight of stress. If your fourth flat white doesn’t scream chaotic energy, I don’t know what does. You’re mind cries out, searches up ‘The Rattlecap’ on Google for some sweet escapism. Does the wheel of text stops spinning when nobody’s watching? You find yourself reading the next line:

Chaos is upon us cowboys, cowgirls (and cowthey’s?), time to see what the magic eight ball has in store for us today.

In other words, welcome to the most chaotic issue of The Rattlecap yet.

Speaking of humour as a coping mechanism, look no further than the Ukrainian Twitter Account which Isabella Henricks analyses in her history of the concept in "KAOS and The Invasion of Ukraine: Humour as a coping mechanism."

A failed goth herself, Arts and Culture Editor Amelia Morgan succumbs to the fact she will wear Lucy and Yak's for the rest of her life in her piece, "Not a Goth."

Or perhaps read about the chaos of Catholic Sex-Ed? or The Intersection of Classicism and Misogyny? Elsa Simmons and Grace Gallagher write in History, Philosophy, and Education.

It's Tea Time! How about three poems by Clem Prime to accompany the three mouldy mugs on your desk? It's okay, leave them another day, as Clem says:

Watching the mould grow in my tea

Comforts me

It means things

Take their intended course in life

I’m burnt out, time to go home.

In all seriousness, a massive thank you to the wonderful writers and illustrators that helped put one of the best issues The Rattlecap has seen together. The editorial team has pushed through short-notice deadlines to produce a long-form issue, a whopping 16 articles which left me and Isi debating all Thursday morning. Also, a special thanks to Tanya who works tirelessly to entertain The Rattlecap's more than 1,000 followers on Instagram, and Jessie who's organised yet another Launch Party.

Finally, congratulations on our new committee elected at the EGM who have already shown their determination! Welcome:

Secretary: Hannah Udall

Creative Writing: Hannah Dove

Senior Illustrator: Berenika Murray

HPE Editor: Fatima Bouzidi

In Solidarity,

Isi and Justine

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