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Letter from the Editors

The evolution will be televised? An evolution is happening in how we think about everything from known topics, like the Climate Crisis, to those previously unknown, think Crypto and NFT’s; even on the box set, period dramas are evolving to include BIPOC characters. It’s all happening under our noses, on our little screens.

But are we evolving?

or just re-volving?

Thinking we’ve progressed only to end up in the same place

or even behind where we started?

Is climate inaction the evolution of climate action?

Ellie Bye asks in Current Affairs

Is society evolving at a cost of social intimacy?

Eitan Orenstein discovers in Creative Writing

Is crypto the evolution in banking we needed?

Jamie McDonald discern in HPE

Are period dramas actually evolving, or are they masking true diversity?

Aria Tsvetanova uses Bridgerton to find out in Arts and Culture

Perhaps Gil Scott-Heron’s lyrics didn’t envisage a digital age.

- Justine and Isi

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