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Letter from the Editors

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Illustration by Justine White.

Renaissance conjures up imagery of 14th century Italy - Michelangelo hung up at the top of a ladder painting the roof of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Da Vinci in his Florentine studio, or Venetian Architecture in the Piazza San Marco. But Edinburgh, and the world, is going through it’s own Renaissance post-isolation, a revival of sorts. In all aspects of society we can see the arts and new ideas flourishing once again, and so is the Rattlecap for that matter. This is a fitting issue to welcome in our new committee members, Celeste John-Wood and Scarlett Smyth, and our new Co-President Justine White.

The witty writing of Will Penkethman-Carr is always a breath of fresh air and he returns this issue with ‘A Love-song for Torpedoed Minds’. If you’re interested in social commentary we suggest you give it a read - along with Will Staveley’s ‘The Cloud which will not go.’ Or if you’re looking for Current Affairs that are hot off the printing press then may we suggest Amy Life’s ‘Protecting who?’ - an article which condemns the police and white feminism in the wake of the Sarah Everard case. Or Jamie McDonald’s ‘The Taliban Renaissance Should Not Come as a Surprise’ - an informative piece which shines a light on the treatment of Afghanistan by the UK and America which led to the development of the Taliban as we know it.

Check out Creative Writing for a section that’s been crammed full of original content - none more beautiful than the poetry of Jess Rush. Or cast your glance to Arts and Culture where Aria Tsvetanova explores the Cottagecore phenomenon that’s brought nature to the forefront of culture, or perhaps brought pop culture back to nature. In the same section you can find Isabella Yeo Frank’s terrific opinion piece on the horror Renaissance. Whatever your interests, we’ve definitely got you covered (at the very least you can look at the gorgeous illustrations of Berenika Murray).

Thanks for remaining patient as we work on this issue - it’s been a hell of a semester and living through the Renaissance is easier said than done.

In solidarity,

Isi and Justine

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