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Letter From the Editors

Hello and welcome to the isolation issue! Do we sound deflated? We are!!! 2020 has been a ride, and what better way to close it out than with a short but sweet edition of your fave leftie paper?

Isolation is a timely theme for so many reasons, but we hope that this issue goes beyond just sitting at your laptop for every major life event this year (although we discuss that too!). For illuminating takes on COVID and isolation, check out Annabel’s ‘Grieving in isolation’ and our very own Arts & Culture Editor Hannah’s ‘8 months.’ For a different perspective on isolation, take a peek at Yu’s accessible refresher on why isolationist forms of punishment don’t work, Paula’s interview with Rent Justice Edinburgh, and Antonia’s piece on the connections between migration and isolation.

We’ve been really happy to see some healthy contributions to our Arts and Culture section, with enough recommendations to see you through the holidays - and a good reminder that radical thought doesn’t just mean difficult-to-read theory. Head over to the Literature section to hang out with Eilish and Kirsty talking about isolation reads, or check out some artists who worked in / looked at isolation with Isi and Emily. If your Spotify wrapped left you feeling inspired (top genres indie, indie folk, folk, indie rock and indie pop anyone??) then Jessie has made a playlist for every mood swing you’ll go through these next few weeks - and they’re all available on The Rattlecap’s brand-new Spotify account! Finally, Levi has written us one of those gorgeous, genre-evading pieces which discusses returning home, and to a life you’d wanted to leave behind.

Enough people have written articulate and thoughtful conclusions to 2020 that we certainly won’t add any value to by attempting one. See: your biweekly newsletter from your school. We just wanna say a big well done to everyone for surviving the year, and that we hope you get some rest and peace this holiday season. Love ya!

Love and solidarity,

Phoebe and Iz

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