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Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

I feel quite daunted with the prospect of writing this letter for the first time. This is the first issue with me as the new Editor-In-Chief and the incredible new committee. It has provided quite a unique set of challenges and has at times been very hard work but at the finish line, it is definitely worth it.

Freedom is the word at the centre of many controversial debates going on this year. It has been used on both sides of the fight for and against lockdowns and has been the driving force behind many of the social movements that have emerged or continued on with their struggle this past couple of years. As such, we all thought it would be a fitting title for our new issue.

I have genuinely laughed (See Will’s ‘Serious Man’) and cried (See Magdalene’s ‘Thoughts of the sea from a pavement.’) and felt a whole heap of emotions in between while reading through the articles.

Unsurprisingly Current Affairs boasts the biggest turn out this issue. If you’re unafraid of some heavy subject matter I recommend ‘Freedom is Limited’ by Ece Kucuk and if you’re in it for something less daunting then Ruth Stainer’s article on Welsh Independence is an eye opener! But I’ll leave you to have a browse as it’s a small issue this time.

Thanks so much to all the committee members (who made my life a whole lot easier this summer), the writers (without you there would be no issue) and the illustrators (genuinely always the best)!!

Hope you all enjoy :)

Isi xx

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