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I think everyone's burnt out by fourth year

Writing by Justine White. Illustration by Annie Whiteson.

I think everyone’s burnt out by fourth year

your circle’s circumference closes and you just want the pain to be over

like when your coat turns into a sail

walking against the frigid wind tunnel that is Buccleuch Place

perhaps you’re not as supportive of the strikes anymore

or everything from the Library Cafe is starting to taste the same - even making you ill

we take the lift up to the fourth floor to read about anti-capitalism

doors opening

just to work in our little cubicles

saying we could never have an office job

you might sit at your laptop all day

(you know you got to the library at four, don’t say all day)

just to pack up with less words than you sat down with

disillusionment spreading like wildfire

you hit the panic button

extension request - APPROVED!

yet this is just a water pistol aimed at an inferno

you shoot just to feel as if you’re being productive

you got this though!

look at everyone around you working hard

(or hardly working?)

trust me, you’ll get things done though!

just take a day off or two

clean your room for once

try the new falafel from big Tesco’s

it’ll all work out

heck what do I know?

I’m also burnt out

but look on the bright side

somehow the flat is filled with more flowers than ever

and their givers will actually send them the same day next year

wherever you might be - not just because facebook reminded them

that’s the beauty of fourth year

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