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Forever in a Renaissance

Writing by Maria Farsoon.

No better time to change than when

The world freezes.

When its city lights switch off

replaced with the illumination of a thousand diseases.

Panic panic panic - I hasten to create a new me

Because I won't dare stay stuck with her,

rather I want to become acquainted.

Those new low-rise jeans and that Pulp Fiction obsession, retrospection turned trendy?

Or maybe when life stops,

The past stays stuck in our hands until we dare to face it.

And we face it by glittering our faces (now a little brighter than before)

Because if not now, then when?

We won't stay censored forevermore.

The more I stay inside,

The more of her that comes to light.

Oh, how seclusion brings us creation,

and how THE END can revive this self-transformation.

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